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Developing Wheelchair Rugby


The IWRF, through its Development Committee, works to promote the growth and development of Wheelchair Rugby around the world. If you are interested in starting a Wheelchair Rugby program in your country, we are here to help. This page will provide you with information on how the IWRF can work with you, as well as with several videos that will help you get into the game.

Obviously we want to see you succeed, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any of your Wheelchair Rugby related questions. Once we receive your inquiry, it will be forwarded to one of the representatives of the IWRF Development Committee below, who will be happy to help you get started.



IWRF Development Committee

Asia Oceania

Chérie Harris (New Zealand) – Chair, AO Head

Jo Hajjar (Australia)

Pappu Modak (Bangladesh)



Duncan Campbell (Canada) - Americas Head

Juan Foa (Argentina) – Athlete Rep



Sofia Beloka (Belgium/Greece) – Europe Head

Naomi O’Reilly (Ireland)



IWRF Resource Package

This package is a series of short videos to practically display all the aspects of Wheelchair Rugby as follows:



These videos discuss classification in wheelchair rugby, and provide a brief overview of the classification process. View...



These videos demonstrate several ways to transfer from your everyday chair into and out of a rugby chair. View...



These videos show different techniques that are used for strapping in preparation for play. View...


Warm up and stretching

Short video of basic warm-up and stretching exercises to do before practice begins. View...



These videos illustrate some of the common ball handling and skill drills that can be done during practice sessions. View...



These videos demonstrate some of the common picking techniques that are used by players to stop an opponent. View...


Basic rules

These videos highlight some of the basic rules of Wheelchair Rugby. View...


Medical and equipment

All teams should have a medical kit in case of injuries to an athlete. When a chair gets damaged or has a flat, you need a mechanic. These videos give you a basic oversight of both. View...



These videos demonstrate some of the basic rules and signals used by referees during the course of a Wheelchair Rugby game. View...



IWRF Developing Nations

Below you will find a list of countries currently in the development phase. Within each country you will find their contact person. This is to enable neighbouring countries to work together and help each other forge ahead to attaining a competitive edge in the international arena.


Primary Contact :
Duncan Campbell
Development Commissioner
No 321 TianbeiluHoushayu Town, Shunyi DistrictBeijing 101318P.R.China
00 86 10 80471890
00 86 10 80471890
Primary Contact :
Helen Chen
Primary Contact :
Duncan Campbell
Development Commissioner
Alli Opsi
Nikis 53, 56431
Primary Contact :
Alexandros Galinakis
Hong Kong Paralympic Committee
Unit 141-148, G/F., Block B, Mei Fung House, Mei Lam Estate, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong
(852) 2602-8232
Primary Contact :
Sheena Liu Hoi Yan
Hungarian Wheelchair Rugby Association
Hungary 1048 Budapest Hajló utca 7
Primary Contact :
Jakoby Judit
India Wheelchair Rugby
Primary Contact :
Rajiv Virat
Indonesian Wheelchair Rugby Federation
Jalan Waribang,Gang Titibatu 1A Kesimen, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
+62 361 283961
+62 361 8424469
Primary Contact :
Rodney Holt
V.P. IWRF Southeast Asia subzone
Malaysia Wheelchair Rugby
Primary Contact :
Dr. Ang Kean Koo
Nepal Wheelchair Rugby Association
Primary Contact :
Bharat Bahadur Karkee
General Secretary, Nepal WC Rugby
Association de Quad-Rugby du Caillou (AQRC)
BP 15725 Magenta
98804 Noumea
Nouvelle Calédonie
Primary Contact :
Alexander Oesterlin
Primary Contact :
Duncan Campbell
Development Commissioner
Federation Peruana de Rugby
Av. Petit Thouars 5356 Ofc. 3021, Miraflores, Lima 27, Peru
(511) 221 9525
Primary Contact :
Duncan Campbell
Development Commissioner
Luis Higa
Primary Contact :
Jose Paulo
Spanish Sports Federation for People with Physical Disabilities
Ferraz,16, 28008 Madrid, Spain
+ 34 91 547 17 18
+ 34 91 541 99 61
Primary Contact :
Soraya Unruanngam
Primary Contact :
Karina Matiazh
Primary Contact :
Alaa Omar Saleh Al Haroon
Primary Contact :
Duncan Campbell
Development Commissioner



IWRF Classification Manual 3rd Edition rev-2015
Step Up - Lets Start a Team!
Step Out - Lets Host a Tournament!
Wheelchair Rugby International Rules 2015
Wheelchair Rugby Table Officials Manual
Wheelchair Rugby Score and Penalty Sheets

Latest News

The thirst for knowledge was apparent from the beginning with an avalanche of questions and players wanting to get stuck in. The IWRF team were impressed with the level of ball and chair skills, which is credited to the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed having compulsory sport sessions every afternoon for rehab.
Despite not qualifying for Rio 2016, the Danish wheelchair rugby team has renewed hope ahead of the European Championships.

Upcoming events

2017 Defi Sportif Low Point Tournament
29th April - 30th April 2017
Montreal, Canada
Event Contact :
Website : Click to view
2017 New Zealand Championship I
13th May - 14th May 2017
Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Event Contact :
Website : Click to view
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IWRF World Rankings

1. Australia
2. United States of America
3. Japan
4. Canada
5. Great Britain