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5 September 2012

Game 2 Recap: SWE vs BEL

European murderball fans were expecting a hard-hitting showdown when Belgium took on Sweden today in the second game of the day. The last time the two squads met, Sweden bested Belgium by 6 points in an aggressive showdown. The first quarter was one of quick hits and see-sawing leads that saw Sweden eventually hold a slim 13-11 lead at the quarter. During the second quarter, however, Sweden's defense locked down key big man Lars Mertens and trapped other players on the sidelines, forcing turnovers. At the end of the third, Sweden had mounted a seven-point lead.

During the second half, Sweden slowed the game down considerably in order to preserve their lead, delaying scoring. While Belgium make a few quick runs, Sweden was able to put the pressure back on and regain the lead. Thanks to some well-balanced scoring (Sweden scored 13 points each quarter) and its hard-hitting pressure, Sweden cruised to a 52-42 lead to win the game.