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14 May 2013

IWRF to Establish Athletes Council

April 23, 2013 In an effort to ensure effective athlete representation at all levels, the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF) has announced that it will establish an Athletes Council in 2013. The Council will be made up of current and former international wheelchair rugby athletes from all three zones, and will provide a forum for communication and consultation among athletes and the IWRF Board and its Standing Committees.


Ross Morrison, IWRF Athlete Representative and Board member initiated the drive for the council in order to get more athletes directly involved with providing input on the game and contributing to the governance of their sport.


"Wheelchair Rugby continues to grow around the globe, and it's no longer efficient for the IWRF Athlete Representative to be the sole collector of information from those who play the game", said Morrison. "By having a minimum of two athletes from each zone sitting on this council we will have a much broader view of the sport at all levels, which will allow us to better advise the IWRF Board and its various committees on what the athletes want and what the game needs going forward".


One of the goals of the IWRF's Strategic Plan is to ensure effective athlete representation at all levels of the organization. To help achieve this, elections will be held at each of the IWRF’s Championships later this year where two athletes from each of the three zones will be elected to sit on the Athletes Council.


All athletes interested in contributing to the future direction of their sport are encouraged to download the Athletes Council terms of reference found HERE. Further details regarding elections and a formal call for nominations will be distributed later this month by the IWRF.


For more information please contact IWRF Secretary General, Eron Main at


About the IWRF

The International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF) is the global governing body responsible for the sport of Wheelchair Rugby. Our mission is to grow and support the international wheelchair rugby family, with a vision to be a world leader in wheelchair sport.  For more information about the IWRF, please visit our website at www.iwrf.com