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11 July 2013

Swiss Preparation tournament preview

The Swiss Wheelchair Rugby Preparation Tournament kicks off on Friday in Nottwil, Switzerland.


National teams from Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland, and new comer Russia will all converge on the Paraplegic Centre for what is hoped to be three-days of intense competition.


With the IWRF European Championship now just 30 days away, teams are scrambling to get in as many games as possible to fine tune their squads and get a look at potential opponents. For most teams, this will likely be their last competition before heading to Antwerp in early August, so making the most of this opportunity is important.


Russia, who is new to the sport will have a tough weekend, but should learn a lot from playing against well established teams from within the zone. Although they won’t compete in Belgium next month, the experience they gain in Nottwil will give them a good idea of the work they have ahead. It’s always good to welcome another country into the global Wheelchair Rugby family, and we wish the Russians good luck.


With the Swiss and Austrians not having any recent appearances on the world stage, it will be interesting to see how these two teams perform over the weekend. Germany recently played at the Metro Cup in Poland where they earned a fourth place finish. Sweden has been struggling lately, and had a disappointing week at the Denmark Challenge last month. Great Britain competed at both of these events with good results, and has been introducing new talent to their international squad with a quest to make the podim at 2014 Worlds.


With so many unknowns in Switzerland, it’s difficult to predict which team will win the Swiss Preparation Championship on Sunday. As soon as we find each days results or know who won the event we will be sure to let you know.


It’s not known if games from this tournament will be webcast, although additional information may be available at www.quadrugby.ch


Swiss Preparation Tournament
Schedule & Results

Participating Teams

#1 Great Britain
#2 Sweden

#3 Germany
#4 Austria
#5 Switzerland
#6 Russia

Final Rankings

1. Sweden

2. Great Britain

3. Switzerland 

4. Germany

5. Austria 

6. Russia

Friday, 12 July



Great Britain vs. Austria



Sweden vs. Switzerland



Germany vs. Russia


Saturday, 13 July


Sweden vs. Russia



Great Britain vs. Switzerland



Germany vs. Austria



Russia vs. Great Britain



Germany vs. Sweden



Switzerland vs. Austria


Sunday, July 14


Switzerland vs. Russia



Austria vs. Sweden



Great Britain vs. Germany (OT)



Russia vs. Austria



Switzerland vs. Germany



Sweden vs. Great Britain



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