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24 November 2013

IPC Honors Sylwia Sekowska and Duncan Campbell in Athens

Sylwia Sekowska, a wheelchair rugby official from Poland, was honoured at the International Paralympic Committee’s 2013 Paralympic Sport Awards as Best Official. This award was given in recognition of Sylwia’s work as the Head Table Official for wheelchair rugby at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.


As Head Table Official, Sylwia was responsible to train and lead the crew of National Technical Officials who worked the score bench and penalty box during the tournament. Over three years, she developed and delivered a comprehensive training program for table officials which has since been adopted by IWRF. At the London Games she was a key member of the team of senior technical officials and made a strong contribution to the success of the tournament.


“This is a big surprise and a big honour for me. The table officials in London were a great team, and I feel lucky to have been able to work with them,” said Sylwia.


Sylwia has also made contributions to the development of the sport of wheelchair rugby and wheelchair rugby officials in her native Poland and throughout Europe, and is an active and skilled international referee.


“The role of the table officials in Wheelchair Rugby is very significant, but sometimes overlooked,” said IWRF Secretary General Eron Main. “Sylwia’s work in London was a huge step forward in increasing the professionalism and skill of these key officials, and something we can build on for the future. We are thrilled to see her recognized for her efforts.”


Also recognized at the Awards Gala was Duncan Campbell, who was presented with the Paralympic Order for his contributions to Paralympic sport through the creation and development of the sport of wheelchair rugby.In addition, Australian wheelchair rugby star Ryley Batt was a finalist for the Best Male Athlete award, and the Australian wheelchair rugby team was a finalist for the Best Team award.


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