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13 January 2014

IWRF policy on classification at 2014 World Championship

On the recommendation of the IWRF Classification Committee, the IWRF Board of Directors has approved a variance to the rules governing the timing of classification evaluations for the 2014 IWRF World Championship, to be held August 1 to 11 in Odense, Denmark.


In accordance with the IWRF Classification Manual (Section 6.1), classification evaluations for an individual athlete can occur no more than once in during an eleven-month period. The 2014 World Championship will take place eleven months after the 2013 IWRF European Championship, nine months after the 2013 IWRF Americas Championship, and eight months after the 2013 IWRF Asia-Oceania Championship. Under the eleven-month rule, only athletes from the European Championship would be eligible for classification at the 2014 World Championship.


The IWRF classification committee has considered the impacts and benefits of allowing all athletes who were evaluated at any of the 2013 Zone Championships to be evaluated again at the 2014 World Championship, waiving the eleven-month rule for these athletes. The Committee does not see any obvious or significant negative impacts to waiving the rule in this case. Waiving the rule also ensures that athletes from all three Zones have the same opportunity to be classified in 2014.


Based on this, the Board has approved a waiver of the eleven-month rule for classification evaluations for the 2014 World Championship. Any athlete who underwent classification evaluation at any of the three 2013 Zone Championships, and who has not since undergone another evaluation, will be eligible for classification evaluation at the World Championship. Athletes who were evaluated at any other event within the eleven-month period prior to the World Championship (e.g. athletes who are classified at the 2014 Canada Cup), will not be eligible for classification evaluation at the 2014 World Championship.


If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the IWRF Secretary General, Eron Main,


Download the latest IWRF Classification Masterlist dated January 2014