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17 December 2014

Finland to host IWRF 2015 European Division A Championship

Finland will be hosting the IWRF 2015 Wheelchair Rugby European Championship Division A. The eight best national teams of the continent will gather to the Pajulahti Sports Institute in Nastola from 13th to 20th September 2015. The tournament will be organised by Finnish Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities in cooperation with Pajulahti Sports Institute.


The International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF) have launched a new divisional structure for the European Championship. European teams are divided to three divisions: A, B and C. Division C Championship are arranged in Dublin, Ireland in January, Division B Championship in Prague, Czech Republic in April, and Division A in Pajulahti on September.


The Division A Championship will include the top six countries from the 2013 IWRF European Championship – Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain and Sweden – plus the top two countries from Division B. France finished 9th in the 2014 Wheelchair Rugby World Championship and are the biggest favorites to win the Division B.


The matches of the 2015 IWRF Wheelchair Rugby European Championship will be played in Pajulahti-hall. The top two teams will secure their places at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games, tells Hannele Pöysti, the General Secretary of the European Championship.


Finland has never been in the Paralympic Games in Wheelchair Rugby, but they hope the support from the home crowd will carry them there. Finland finished 10th in the 2014 World Championship and were the fifth best team from Europe.


"Playing in front of the home audience will give our players extra boost. If we can really get things flowing our way it is possible to reach the medals and a spot for the Paralympic Games", says Valtteri Lehtinen, the head coach of Team Finland.


This is the second time Finland has hosted the Wheelchair Rugby European Championship. In 2007 the Games were held in Espoo.


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