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2 August 2017

IWRF 2017 European Division C Championship Announced

The International Wheelchair Rugby Federation is pleased to announce that the IWRF European Division C Championship will be held in Grosswallstadt, Germany from October 31 to November 5, 2017.


Organized by IWRF European Zone President, Christoph Werner and www.Rolli1.de, this tournament is open to a maximum of five national teams from the IWRF European Zone.


Eligible teams are those from countries that are not qualified for the Division B championship, including countries that do not currently have a position on the IWRF World Ranking List. Priority for entries will be based on the date that the entry deposit and First Entry Form are received by IWRF. Intent to attend has been received from the following countries; Czech Republic, Israel, Netherlands, Norway and Russia.


IWRF President, John Bishop stated; “We are grateful that this fully sanctioned championship was able to be organized on short notice by Christoph Werner. Providing competition opportunities at every level of the game is essential for teams to improve. We know the athletes are excited to see this tournament happen, and they are looking forward to challenging their rivals in Grosswallstadt this fall”.


Europe is IWRF’s largest zone with 17 internationally active member countries, and 7 others developing the sport on a national level. The playing schedule and other details will be posted on the IWRF website closer to the tournament. A Facebook page has also been setup at https://www.facebook.com/IWRF2017EuroC/


If you have any questions about this event or need additional information, please contact Eron Main, IWRF Chief Executive Officer, at