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6 December 2017

4th Annual Women's Cup huge success

Photos courtesy Laurent Bagnis

By Sophia Azzi


On December 2nd and 3rd 2017, the 4th edition of the Women's Cup - the international rugby wheelchair tournament dedicated to women took place in Paris.


The event was organized by CAP SAAA (Paris’ wheelchair rugby club) and included 30 athletes representing 14 countries and all three IWRF zones.


Participants registered individually and the organizers formed the teams based on nationalities or geographical area, taking into account the classifications and the levels of the players. 6 teams were formed: 3 European teams (with athletes from Germany, Italy, UK, Ireland, Poland, Finland, Netherlands, Israel), a French team, an Americas team (USA and Brazil) and 1 team with athletes from Asia-Oceania  (Japan, Korzea, New Zealand).


The Women's Cup 2017 has thus proved to be a leading international event and provided an unforgettable experience for both the athletes and the spectators. Fans witnessed high-caliber competition with a dazzling and impressive physical and technical engagement.


This competition was also an opportunity to welcome referees from countries where wheelchair rugby is developing (Italy, Spain) and also to offer an international refereeing experience for the young French referees.


For all the athletes, this tournament has been a great opportunity to improve their skills, share with other players and participate in a 100% female tournament. The athletes are now impatiently waiting for the next edition!


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