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6 November 2017

Your IWRF Board of Directors at Work

At the start of November, the IWRF Board of Directors and the Chairs of its Committees came together for 3-days of meetings in Vancouver, Canada. These important sessions are held annually, and provide the board and committee chairs with a rare opportunity to discuss our Sport and Federation in a face-to-face environment. Special thanks are extended to our sport partner, World Rugby, who helped make these meetings possible.  


Despite long travels by some, day one allowed the Chairs of the Classification, Competitions, Development, and Technical Committees to give presentations on their individual area of expertise to the Board. Reports included an in depth review of each committee’s activities during the year, and a look at their goals and needs for the coming year. Presentations were followed by a Q&A, which was incredibly valuable to everyone there.


Cherie Harris, IWRF Development Committee Chair stated; “The recent meetings in Vancouver provided the Development Committee with invaluable opportunities to discuss global rugby development across technical, classification and competition realms in detail. Face to face round table discussion is communication at its best, and the engagement proved its worth with many exciting development projects, collaborative activities, and platforms to build on for the coming year.”


Off to a great start, day two began with a review of IWRF’s marketing and sponsorship plans, followed by a presentation on communications and websites. The morning ended with a full report on Variation Sports, which you can read more about in this newsletter. Some of the afternoon sessions included IWRF Partnerships, discussions on Zones and Zone Committees, 2018 Elections and General Assembly, and IWRF Recognition Programs.


“It was great to hear the huge amount of activity that has taken place over the last two years,” stated IWRF Board Member, Richard Allcroft. “Having the Chairs of the four committees contributing to the strategic and operational future plans was very important, and hugely productive. I look forward to 2018, especially having the chance to meet most of the members at the World Championship in Sydney.”


The final morning was dedicated to reviewing the IWRF’s Operational and Strategic plans, and updating these guiding documents as necessary. The Federations 2018 Budget was also presented for review, as well as a draft of the quadrennial budget for the next four-years. Following lunch, the IWRF Board came together for a private meeting to close out the official business of what was a very successful week.


When asked for her thoughts, IWRF Competitions Chair Kathy Newman said, “What was extraordinary was hearing about all the amazing work the four IWRF Committees, IWRF Staff and Board of Directors have been doing on behalf of the members. It bodes well for the future of Wheelchair Rugby world-wide.


The IWRF membership is fortunate to have such a dedicated group of people willing to volunteer their time and energy to our sport. Without their expertise and direction, we would not be a Paralympic sport or the vibrant Independent Sport Federation that we are today.  


The IWRF Board wants to recognize IWRF CEO, Eron Main for his hard work on planning these meetings, and conducting the day to day operations of the IWRF. For more information on how the IWRF operates, click here.