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27 May 2012

USA Paralympic Rugby Team Announced

Over the past month, USA Wheelchair Rugby athletes have pushed themselves, and each other to have the honor and privilege of representing their country. During this journey there have been many moments that have come to define the team. From the initial selection in December, through the club season to the past month of camps, each player has given their all.


As with any team, it’s the support that we receive from the families, friends and supporters back home that gives us the ability to compete in one of the greatest sports on the planet.


This team is not just composed of athletes, the staff and administration of the team is second to none. Mandy Goff, Ed Suhr, Troy McGuirk, Jim Murdoch, Robert Murray, Gary Pate, Mike Box, Marty Frierson, Jarod Warf, Brian Cassidy, Jon Metzler  Laurie Berenato, Mike Lewis, and Mitch Watkins all contribute to the cohesiveness and success of the team. A very special thanks goes to our NGB, the Lakeshore Foundation whose generous and unwavering support over the years has been a big part of the foundation of our success.


The motto “Together as one” captures the spirit and the approach of this team going forward towards London. I am very proud to announce the following athlete’s selection:


Team USA Paralympic Rugby   

0.5 - Jason Regier – Centennial, Colorado

1.0 - Chad Cohn – Tucson, Arizona

1.0 - Scott Hogsett – Tempe, Arizona

1.5 - Adam Scaturro – Lakewood, Colorado

2.0 - Joe Delagrave – Chandler, Arizona

2.0 - Derrick Helton – Tucson, Arizona

2.0 - Nick Springer – Croton, New York & Phoenix, Arizona

2.0 - Seth McBride – Portland, Oregon

2.0 - Will Groulx – Portland, Oregon

2.0 - Andy Cohn – Coronado, California

3.0 - Chuck Aoki – Minneapolis, Minnesota & Tucson, Arizona

3.0 - Chance Sumner – Denver, Colorado



0.5 - Travis Anderson - Tucson, Arizona

2.5 - Josh Wheeler – Provo, Utah

3.0 - Delvin McMillian – Maylene, Alabama