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21 June 2012

Canada Cup 2012 - Game Recaps - Day 1

1 1 06.21.12 - 09:30 JPN vs GBR 57 — 50 Download
2 2 06.21.12 - 09:30 USA vs FRA 65 — 44 Download
3 1 06.21.12 - 12:00 SWE vs CAN 46 — 47 Download
4 2 06.21.12 - 12:00 AUS vs BEL 69 — 46 Download
5 1 06.21.12 - 05:00 USA vs GBR 58 — 52 Download
6 2 06.21.12 - 05:00 JPN vs FRA 65 — 47 Download
7 1 06.21.12 - 07:00 AUS vs CAN 62 — 56 Download
8 2 06.21.12 - 07:00 SWE vs BEL 52 — 46 Download


Make sure you watch all the games live at www.canadacupwcrugby.com


FRA vs. USA: 44-65

France put up a good fight against the Americans, finishing the first quarter with a
score of 16 to 13 for the Americans. Ryadh Sallem led the French, dominating the
floor for the whole first quarter. Unfortunately in the last minute of the first quarter
the tides began to change and Will Groulx and the Americans created two turnovers
and pulled ahead. In the second quarter the Americans continued to broaden the
gap, creating a number of turnovers by stealing the deep balls. USA led 33 to 22 at
half time. The Americans scored the last goal in the third quarter with one second
remaining, and finished the quarter 51-34 for them. The game closed with a final
score of 65-44 for the Americans. All in all a very exciting game, and a respectable
show from the French seeing as they are appearing in their first major competition



and were taking
on one of the top teams in the World. Nicely done USA and France!


Great Britain vs. Japan - 50-57

It was a close game between Great Britain and Japan. The score was tied after
the first quarter, however by half time Japan led 28 to 25. The British team ran a
number of different line ups, allowing each player to get on the court at one time
or another, whereas Japan favoured one strong line-up featuring their 3.0 Daisuke
Ikezaki and 2.5 Shin Nakazato. The score was 43-37 for Japan at the start of the
fourth quarter and they continued to pull even farther ahead of Great Britain
throughout the remainder of the game. Kazuhiko Kanno, Kotaro Kishi, Daisuke
Ikezak, and Shin Nakazato finished the game for their team, winning with a 7 point
lead: 57-50.


Canada vs. Sweden: 47-46 -
Read Recap Here


Australia vs. Belgium: 69-46

Many in the wheelchair rugby community hoped that this game would be a showdown between 2010 World Wheelchair Rugby Championship MVP Ryley Batt and 2010 WWRC All Star Lars Mertens. Both players are tough, physically dominating, agile athletes, and Mertens' time training in the USA has really paid off. While Belgium kept it close in the first quarter of the game, the Aussies' supporting cast (most notably Chris Bond) supported Batt and helped to contain Mertens. The Belgian team struggled with turnovers, and Australia cruised to a 69-46 victory.