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  • Wrecking wheelchairs around the world since 1977
  • Combines the ethos of Rugby with elements of basketball and handball
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IWRF Rules and Documents

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IWRF Documents and Policies
IWRF 2015-2018 Strategic Plan
This important document outlines the vision and mission of the IWRF; the values that are the foundation of our federation; and the goals and strategies that will help us achieve our vision of being a world leader in wheelchair sport.
IWRF Molten Wheelchair Rugby Balls
You need balls to play Wheelchair Rugby! Molten is the official ball of the IWRF, and you can only purchase them through us. For more information or to place an order, please download the files below.
IWRF Statutes and Bylaws
The purpose of the IWRF Statutes and Bylaws is to detail the conduct of the affairs of the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation.
IWRF Code of Conduct
The IWRF Code of Conduct helps to assure that all involved in the game of Wheelchair Rugby provide a fair and supportive environment in which to participate in the sport.
IWRF Harrasment Policy
The IWRF is committed to providing a sport and work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. This policy details that commitment.
IWRF Appeals Policy
The IWRF recognizes the right of any Member to appeal the decisions of IWRF. This policy provides a process for resolving disputes that could arise from time to time from such decisions.
IWRF & IPC Athlete Nationality Policy
Athlete must meet specific requirements to be eligible to play on a National Team. These files explain the IWRF and IPC policies on this matter.
IWRF Anti-Doping Rules and Therapeutic Use Exemptions
For the health and safety of our athletes, and to protect the integrity of our sport, the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation is committed to drug-free sport.
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IWRF Molten Wheelchair Rugby Balls
IWRF Wheelchair Rugby Casebook
Wheelchair Manufactures List
IWRF 2015-2018 Strategic Plan
Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby Result Books

Latest News

An expression of interest has gone out to IWRF’s European members to gauge interest in participation in the project over the next few years. A key part to the collaboration will be access to funding through an application to the European Union’s Erasmus+ grant programme.
“We have been going pretty well, our team is definitely improving all the time. We just need more opportunities to play against more international teams.”

Upcoming events

2017 Womens Cup International
2nd December - 3rd December 2017
Paris, France
Event Contact :
Website : Click to view
2018 Vancouver Invitational
9th March - 11th March 2018
Richmond Olympic Oval
Richmond, Vancouver, Canada
Event Contact :
Website : Click to view
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IWRF World Rankings

1. Australia
2. United States of America
3. Japan
4. Canada
5. Great Britain